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Sharpen Punches and Dies often to maintain optimum performance!

  • Sharpen when cutting edge has .010" - .015" rounded off.
  • Dies last almost 2x as long as Punches.

For All Unit and Tooling Conventional Dies

Sharp Punches and dies assure clean, accurate holes free from burrs. Sharpens round and irregular shaped punches and dies. Precision in-feed results in minimum removal of tool stock. Light weight and portable, can be located convenient to presses and press brakes.

Two thumb screws are used in conjunction with the “vee plate” so that a punch or die button with two different body or shank diameters can be held squarely. If the punch or die button have but one straight body or shank diameter the two thumb screws can be used without the “vee plate” and this gives you twice the normal clamping power.

Loading and unloading position of swing arm. This is a safety feature that adds to the convenience and ease of operation. Operator uses both hands to hold punch or die in “vee” block and tighten thumb screws, thus keeping hands away from grinding wheel.

A Complete
Precision Grinder
Sharpening Straight, Stepped-shank,
Headed Punches
and Die Buttons

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