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Notch Unit with Gauging
Custom Notch Designs

  • Pierced Hole and Notch Combined in one unit.
  • Stepped Notch Profiles
  • Angles other than 90

Perform Right and Left Hand Corner Notching
“V” Notching
Edge Notching

4-in-1 Notching Units

Perform four notching jobs with one unit:

90 RH Corner Notching
90 LH Corner Notching
90 V Notching
Coping up to 3”

Gauges with
Built-In Scales
Adjustable Stops
can be installed
at the Factory
All For the Price of a Single Unit!

You no longer need buy 4 notching units when one 3” x 3” Model LN - 33- 01 Toolset does all four jobs for the price of one unit.

  • Exclusive 2-way shear on punch blades reduces the normal notching pressure and shock by as much as 40 percent
  • Exposed blades permit notching or coping sheets, angles, extrusions, etc. Self- contained, self-aligned “Die-Set” design, - no “cocking” or binding, - maintains close tolerances. Grease fittings are standard equipment..
  • Built-in slug chute at rear eliminates need for hole in press bed or blocking up unit.

Edge Notching Units

For edge and corner notching of flat, angle and shaped stock.

Have wide applications in confined edge notching. They also are used for both right and left hand corner notching. Punch blades have exclusive Toolset 2-way shear for reducing punching pressure.
Toolset exposed blade design makes it possible to notch or cope sheets, extrusions, etc. Angles can be notched close to the opposite leg.
Quickly mounted on punch presses or press brakes; built-in slug chute eliminates providing special means for slug removal.
They are made in a range of standard off-the-shelf widths, and can be furnished with intermediate sizes and special shapes to individual specifications.
Toolset Die heights and shut heights conform to industry standards, thus expediting their use in combination with hole punching units.

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