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"HP" 2 3/8" Unit Photos

Application Ideas

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  • Punching Angle
  • Punching Stainless Steel

HP 2 3/8 " for Round Holes or Shapes that fit within a 1.250 Diameter

   Toolset HP 2 3/8" Series Units are used to punch Round and Shaped Holes in sheets, plate, angles, formed parts and extrusions.

  • Disc Springs provide high initial pressure and uniform stripping power
  • Double Guided Design maintains alignment of punch and die during heavy service assures longer punch and die life and burr free holes.
  • Die Adapter or Pedestal Die options make possible virtually unlimited flexibility, customization and economy. Change sizes easily as jobs demand.

Complete Assembled Units





"A" Dimension

Round Hole Unit

Catalog Number

Shaped Hole Unit

Catalog Number

HP 2 3/8 6" 8 3/4" 230H-01-6 230H-01S-6
HP 2 3/8 12" 14 3/4" 230H-01-12 230H-01S-12

(Includes standard punch and die)

Item No. Description Round Hole Units   Shaped Hole Units  
1 Punch 230H-02   230H-02S  
2 Die Button for -1 Style 230H-03 230H-03S
3 Retaining Ring 230H-05-2   230H-05-2  
4 Upper Guide 230H-05   230H-05  
5 Lower Guide 230H-04   230H-04S  
6 Stripper Spring (Set of 20 Discs) MS-077   MS-077  
7 Lifter Spring MS-076   MS-076  
8 Punch Retainer Screw MR-019   MR-019  
9 Die Retainer Screw MR-020   MR-020  
10 Holder w/Locator Pin        
  6" Throat 230H-06-6   230H-06S-6  
12" Throat 230H-06-12 230H-06S-12

(Intermediate Punch and Die Sizes also available)