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507-001FH *

 *Shown with Optional Gage Rod Installed

Application Ideas

Every Toolset has it's own niche. New uses are found everyday, if you are not sure of how you might use this specific unit, here are some examples of how others have used them to help get you started.

  • Aircraft Industry
  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Window Manufacturing
  • Roll Formed Parts


Specially Designed for Punching Holes on 3/4 Centers

Adjustable and Fixed Models
Capacity up to 1/8 Mild Steel
Holes to 5/16" Diameter

AA Series Specifications
  • .3125 (5/16) Max Punch Size
  • 3/4 Holder Width
  • 7 1/2 Shut Height
  • 3 1/8 Die Height
Complete assembled units include standard Punch and Die

Click Here for List of Standard "AA" Series Punch and Die Sizes.

Parts List

  Catalog Number


  Complete Unit:    
  507-001FH "Toolset Fixed Model" 4" Throat Unit Complete   
    with Standard Punch and Die  
  507-001AH "Toolset Adjustable Model" 4" Throat Unit Complete  
    (Less Adjustable Adapter Catalog #507-011)   
  507-002H Punch assembly with Adjustment Nuts for 7 1/2" Shut Height  
  507-002H-1 Punch Only for 7 1/2" Shut Height  
  507-002H-2 Adjustment Nuts (Set of 2)  
507-002L Punch - Solid Head for 6 1/4" Shut Height
  507-003A Pedestal Die - 3/8" OD Body  
  507-003B Pedestal Die - 1/2" OD Body  
  07-004 Lower Guide * (Open .312 Guide is Standard unless otherwise specified)  
  07-005 Upper Guide  
  MS-049 Stripper Spring Set (24 Discs per set)  
  MS-052 Lifter Spring  
  MR-001 Retainer Plate with Screw  
  07-003-1 Die Retainer Screw  
  507-006F Holder Only- Fixed  
  507-006A Holder Only- Adjustable  
  507-011 Adjustable Adapter Only  
  MI-166 Adjustable Adaptor for 1 1/4" Bed Rail Slot  
  5390-006 Holder Only- Fixed for 1 1/4" Bed Rail Slot  
  5495-006 Holder Only- Fixed with 3/8" Locator Pin  
  507-006-G Gage Rod (Installed)  
  507-006-G-1 Gage Rod (Parts Only)